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Jetson All-Terrain Combo

Imagine gliding through both urban streets and off-road trails, effortlessly maneuvering through any terrain. The Jetson All-Terrain Combo, aptly named the Rumble, offers the best of both worlds with its unique hoverboard and go-kart combination. As a reviewer at Ride Review, I've scoured through various summaries and reviews to bring you an overview of this versatile micromobility vehicle. One of the standout features of the Rumble combo is the option to ride either seated in the go-kart attachment or standing on the hoverboard. This flexibility caters to a wide range of users, making it suitable for both seated and standing adventures. Thanks to its hand controls, the go-kart attachment enhances accessibility, allowing individuals with mobility challenges to effortlessly maneuver the Rumble. Weighing in at just 30 pounds, the Rumble is highly portable and easy to transport. Whether you're commuting to work or school, the compact design ensures that you can carry it with ease. Plus, with a charging time of just 5 hours, it's a reliable option for those who need a quick lift to their destination. Equipped with a 300-watt motor, the Rumble delivers ample power for its size. You'll have no trouble traversing various terrains, from smooth asphalt to bumpy off-road trails. However, it's important to note that the Rumble has a top speed of 7 mph, which may be considered slow for road use. If you're looking for a vehicle for high-speed commutes, you may want to explore other options. While the go-kart seating provides a comfortable and thrilling experience, it does come with one drawback: reduced visibility. The lower seating position restricts your line of sight, particularly in traffic. Therefore, it's important to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings when riding the Rumble. For new riders, the hoverboard setup may require some time to get used to. Balancing and controlling the hoverboard may present a learning curve initially, but with practice, riders can become adept at riding this unique micromobility vehicle. In conclusion, the Jetson All-Terrain Combo, known as the Rumble, offers a compelling combination of the hoverboard and go-kart. Its adaptability, accessibility, and portability make it a versatile option for riders of different ages and abilities. However, if you prioritize speed or visibility in road use, you may want to consider other options. Overall, the Rumble provides a thrilling and enjoyable micromobility experience for those seeking an adventure on various terrains.



Release Year

Brake Type
Mechanical Disc Brakes

Drive Type

Frame Material


Max Range (mi)
7 mi

Max Range (km)
11 km

Top Speed (mph)
7 mph

Top Speed (kmh)
11 kmph


Weight (lbs)
29 lbs

Weight (kg)
13 kg

Weight Capacity (lbs)
198 lbs

Weight Capacity (kg)
90 kg


Wheel Diameter (in)
12 in

Wheel Diameter (mm)
305 mm

Wheel Width (in)
3 in

Wheel Width (mm)
76 mm

Use Cases

product image
product image

6 Reasons to Buy the Rumble All-Terrain Combo

  • Hoverboard with go kart attachment makes the Rumble combo capable of seated and standing rides
  • Seated gokart option with hand controls makes the Rumble combo a highly accessible vehicle
  • 30-pound vehicle weight makes he Rumble combo easy to carry and transport
  • 300-watt motor provides plenty of power for a smaller vehicle like the rumble
  • Expandable frame can fit both children and larger adults
  • 5 hour charging time makes the Rumble a great option for those who need a quick lift to and from work, school, etc.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Rumble All-Terrain Combo

  • With a top speed of only 7 mph, the Rumble may be a bit too slow for road use
  • Go Kart seating also greatly reduces visibility to cars on the road
  • Hoverboard setup may involve a learning curve for new riders

Bottom Line

The Jetson All-Terrain Combo makes for a fun neighborhood riding experience.


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