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Åik :work

If you're a demanding professional in need of a reliable transportation solution, the Åik :work from CAKE might just be the eBike for you. With its high carrying capacity of up to 363 lbs and advanced features, this pedal-assisted electric bike is designed to tackle heavy-duty utility tasks. One standout feature of the Åik is its long range capability. Powered by three batteries, it can travel up to 223 miles on a single charge, providing reliable and extended ride time for those long workdays. This range is especially appealing for commercial customers who rely on their bikes for transportation. The eBike also boasts a range of advanced features that further enhance its utility. It comes equipped with automatic shifting, which makes for a seamless and effortless riding experience. Additionally, the modular aluminum frame allows for easy customization and adaptability to various needs and preferences. Not only that, the Åik even has an integrated power bank, allowing you to charge other devices while on the go. Durability and resilience are key factors for commercial customers, and the Åik delivers. Built to withstand heavy use, it is designed with a focus on reliability and robustness. This makes it an ideal choice for those in need of a hard-working transportation solution. However, it's worth noting that the Åik does come with a hefty price tag of $6,415. While this may deter some buyers, it's important to consider the bike's high carrying capacity and long range capability, which are specifically tailored for commercial or utility use. It may not be the bike of choice for everyday recreational use, but for those in need of a reliable and powerful workhorse, the Åik is worth considering. In conclusion, the CAKE Åik :work is a utility eBike designed for demanding professionals. With its high carrying capacity, long range, advanced features, and resilience, it is an appealing option for those in need of a reliable transportation solution.


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Class 2

Release Year

Brake Type
Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Drive Type

Frame Material


Max Range (mi)
224 mi

Max Range (km)
360 km

Top Speed (mph)
20 mph

Top Speed (kmh)
32 kmph


Weight (lbs)
71 lbs

Weight (kg)
32 kg


Wheel Diameter (in)
20 in

Wheel Diameter (mm)
508 mm

Wheel Width (in)
3 in

Wheel Width (mm)
76 mm

Use Cases

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4 Reasons to Buy the Åik :work

  • High carrying capacity of up to 363 lbs, making it suitable for heavy-duty utility use.
  • Long range of up to 223 miles with three batteries, providing reliable and extended ride time.
  • Advanced features like automatic shifting, modular aluminum frame, and integrated power bank for powering other devices.
  • Resilience and durability, appealing to commercial customers in need of a reliable transportation solution.

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Åik :work

  • Hefty price tag of $6,415 may deter some buyers.
  • Designed more for commercial or utility use than for everyday recreational use.

Bottom Line

The Åik :work offers impressive carrying capacity and a long range, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty utility use. Its advanced features and resilience make it a reliable transportation solution for commercial customers. While the higher price tag may discourage some buyers, those in need of a dependable and durable micromobility vehicle will find great value in the Åik :work.


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